<p>EVVC</p><p>Eurogress Aachen: Mitglied im Europ&auml;ischen Verband der Veranstaltungszentren e.V.</p>


The Eurogress Aachen is a member of the EVVC (European Association of Event Centers), from which you as an event organizer may benefit:

The EVVC informs, consults and supports its members in a professional network, which at the same time offers a perfect communication platform. Besides Marketing, Law and IT support, the association focuses on educating and training staff in the event sector. The EVVC’s presence in the capital office allows for the whole industry’s political representation in Berlin and Brussels and works for the public transparence of the event industry.

About 700 event locations represent 320 member organizations of the EVVC and offer countless possibilities for events of all size classes.

Further information can be retrieved here.

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