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Green electricity

In July 2012 the German Association of Energy and Water (bdEw) reported that in Germany, 25 percent of electricity come from renewable production.

To support this positive trend, we also cover 100 percent of our electricity needs with certified green electricity.

Our current energy supplier; STAWAG AG Aachen; awarded the ok-power label.

The ok-power label stands for a trusted and transparent certification of green electricity with real added value for the environment.

It is awarded by the Energy Vision Association e.V., which is shared by the Consumers' Association of North Rhine-Westphalia and carried by the Öko-Institut e.V.

Links to certification for Eurogress and Bendplatz.


Eurogress Aachen has committed the code of sustainability  of the event industry:

At 2012 MEXCON Eurogress Aachen has signed the Code of sustainability of the events industry.

As we understand sustainability is not as a single measure but rather as an ongoing process and as an ongoing task, we have participated in 2011 with distinction and success on the Ökorofit project.


The individual CO2 footprint for your event

In our efforts to improve our company's sustainability, we also rely on the best type of climate protection, CO2 avoidance.

Take advantage of the opportunity to calculate the emissions of your event. In cooperation with Co2ol, we provide you with this free CO2 calculator.

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