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Congress-Initiative Aachen

A study of Aachen’s potential as a congress location, conducted in 2010 by the Symbios AG, revealed that the supply of attractive congresses and conventions is of essential importance for Aachen’s economic development. Hence, a consequent and long-term marketing of the convention and congress location Aachen is inevitable. Besides independent marketing acitivites, which are all working well individually, the Congress Initiative Aachen as a marketing association consisting of various providers will lead to long-term success by developing and implementing common Marketing strategies.


Mission Statement:

• Strengthening of Aachen’s competitive context in the competition for congresses

• Positioning Aachen as an exploratory, science and business location (closely linked to the convention and congress business)

• Concentration of the leading lights of Aachen’s congress industry in order to compete conjointly for national and international congresses

• Widespread marketing of the congress location Aachen in order to increase its brand awareness nationally and internationally

• Support of acquisition activities for more and more (business) events in Aachen Förderung

• Strengthening of Aachen as a brand through targeted Event Marketing

• Presentation and strengthening of the convention and congress capital of Aachen

• Bundling Marketing activities

• Personalizing a congress lobby in Aachen

• Extend the convention and congress business and extend required capacities


Members of the Congress Initiative take advantage from the increasing convention and congress market in Aachen:


• Bargains result immediately from acitivites and contacts

• They participate in the congress participants’ spendings

• They make profit from consequent and longtime marketing activities of the convention and congress location Aachen


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