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In the knowledge, that our natural resources are limited and the world`s resilience is unlasting, sustainable acting counts to our community’s most important tasks.

Here you find another service of Eurogress Aachen concerning sustainable meetings:

Additionally the event ticket offered by the “Deutsche Bahn AG” ensures the flexible arrival and departure of your participants while at the same time contributing to the climate protection. Please inform yourself about the event ticket on this web page.  

In the guidelines for the sustainable organization of events of the federal ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety, you will find many practical tips for hosting your event.

Eurogress Aachen has committed the code of sustainability of the event industry.

In 2011 we have participated with distinction and success on the Ökorofit project.


The individual CO2 footprint for your event

In our efforts to improve our company's sustainability, we also rely on the best type of climate protection, CO2 avoidance.

Take advantage of the opportunity to calculate the emissions of your event. In cooperation with Co2ol, we provide you with this free CO2 calculator.

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