Europe Hall

"The eye listens" is especially true for this concert hall.

From the foyer area, you enter the hall leading to the front with its enormous height, in which large lights float like a starry sky.

They immerse the curved, organic-looking acoustic panels of the walls in light.

The very sight will open you up to what will be heard on the podium.

The large LED lights are infinitely dimmable and variable in color, so you can immerse everything in your CI colors and transform the whole hall into your stage.

Thanks to the sound-optimized equipment, a lecture or presentation that demands good speech intelligibility works just as well as dynamic concerts. You can hear the grass grow here or let it really crack – with our modern sound technology also for the hearing impaired.

The stage with five adjustable lifting pods can be adapted exactly to your needs. Sound and lighting control centres already exist, in the Europa Saal you can organize an international conference at the highest level and even record it live.

1.700 seats
845 seats
1.300 seats
Stand-up reception
1.200 seats
Size (sm)
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